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Workshops and Presentations

Intersections of Identity

•Identity Prominence—people may identify more strongly with some aspects of self

•Identity Valence—people may feel positively or negatively about aspects of self

•“No Social Group is Homogenous.”

•“People must be located in terms of social structures that capture the power relations implied by those structures.”

“There are unique, nonadditive effects of identifying with more than one social group.

Maleness and Masculinity
Gender identity and theory identity as it relates to intersections in one's life are complex. Furthermore the exploration of masculinity and the integration of masculinity and identity within social constructs can be challenging to make sense of. How it is that society gets to say who we are and when we can become who they say we are going to be. Don’t you want to have a say in that? What does it mean to have identity? What does Masculinity mean? How are gender roles perceived?
Queer Experience

Ever wonder about Privilege and Heterosexism as a Social Construct? Ever wonder if the way you think about things shape people’s beliefs and actions? Wondering about homophobia, Transphobia and their impact on an ever changing society, or have a friend or family member say to you “I think I might be gay, but I’m not sure.  How do I know I’m bisexual, gay or lesbian?” or “Homosexuality goes against our religious beliefs and I am concerned that you are promoting homosexuality in your classroom.” Or “What does transgender mean?” All of these questions are running wild in many of our minds, come learn how unexplored biases can be harmful to leadership and the community.

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